Sooner Boomer

That time of the year has set in, when nearly all Oklahomans, no matter where life has led them, are standing upright with cavalier spirit in living rooms, bars, and wherever else “the game’s on” to yell "go, go go!" or "No, no, NO!"  at a T.V. screen with bold unabashed dedication. 

I don’t care much for broadcasted sports. Let me just share that I spent a lot of time watching Sooner games in the campus’s indoor/outdoor president’s box; to memory, I can only remember watching a sole game in spectator seats - and they were just a smidgin behind the team’s bleachers. While I should be grateful for my experiences, - according to most Oklahomans’ standards - to have watched these supposed mighty games in such a hallowed, esteemed abode, I have to say that I’m really not. I am thankful though, to have harbored such an adolescent-shaped reason to have my wherewithall and avidly detest broadcasted sports.

Something about the worship of plastic-y, iconoclasticly-gaudy portraits of OU greats likes Barry Switzer; something about the pretentious snobbery at a server for bringing the wrong scotch or carbonated water; or, perhaps, the reckless Sooner spirit re-manifested as a wealthy, good ol’ boy Oklahoma game, has left an awfully wretched connotation in my perpetually fruiting mouth.  I can’t help but associate the Sooners with arrogantly-ignorant, right-wing, materialistic gains by the, ummm… uhhem, Oklahoma “elite”. Although, truly, such spirits should carry a sense of pride rendered by Jim Thorpe and other historically wonderful athletes. AND NOT because of a conglomerate of sleazy, cheapskate, white men. 

Why else do I not like Sooner games? It’s all in the mascot. The Sooners, as so many affectionately recall them, are a blatant symbol of American imperialism - as Theodore Roosevelt denied the Five Civilized Tribes’ brilliant efforts in making of an Indian State of Sequoya, but just months later granted good ol’ white men the opportunity to create Oklahoma. BTW, "land of the red man" is what Okla-humma means in Choctaw; however the slang term was meant to describe the ethnic invasion of new, “sooner” sun-burnt Irish-Americans in the already “red” Indian Territory. 

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